Denis Bederov

How does Denis Bederov work on his projects

The areas I´m currently working on are broadly positioned. That starts with the topic of space. Of course, as many might suspect, this isn´t about aliens, but in reality, they are very everyday issues that I deal with. For example, how satellites can be made available to smaller companies or institutions such as schools or universities at low cost. Certain things, as the simple handling of tools of all kinds on Earth, can be a real challenge in space. There are solutions to be found here.

Projects in the field of electrical engineering, radio waves and radio connections are, so to speak, his home.

In other projects, I deal more with electrical engineering, radio waves and radio connections. These areas are, so to speak, my home, where I have my greatest strengths. With the right expertise, it´s important to assess which way isn´t only the fastest, but also the most meaningful.

Solving prolems has always been a strength of Denis Bederov.

The ability of problem-solving and the systematic approach that I use in all my projects come from to my scientific education.. I have always had an eye for how problems can be broken down into smaller challenges to solve them efficiently.