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Denis Bederov best motivational factors

What drove the space scientist, Denis Bederov to top performances? Different stages of life always bring new motivational factors. For example, I still remember the time shortly after my studies. At that time the most motivation was something I didn´t like. I kept thinking about how I worked at the construction site during my studies.

That was a time period when I wanted to earn a bit as a student. It was an incredibly monotonous and physically difficult job. For two to three days the semester job was fine, but for two weeks it was quite exhausting and because of the monotony I found it very uninteresting. I lacked the mental challenges.


No monotonous work!


On the other hand, nothing better could happen to me. Because the thought of never having to do such work again super motivated me.’ Never again monotonous work that isn´t fun. Never again something, in which one you turn off your head or the head inevitably shuts off after a few hours because you are completely exhausted physically. ‘


Conversely, I was positively motivated by every job in which I received different questions practically every day, sometimes even every hour. Constantly challenged to consider solution strategies, to reach mental and mental limits and break down barriers, the self-responsibility to plan every day and to experience new things, has always given me great pleasure and still does. Later, as a space scientist, professional success came to me, but never in the main focus. If you have had success many times, you simply want more of them and act much more targeted to achieve even more success. I can hardly imagine that someone would like to stay at the same level because growth is what life dictates to us. Another area that is changing with career success is finance. 


A not unimportant area if you want to give yourself and your loved one a life that offers all the comfort you could wish for. Last but not least, of course, the recognition that comes with the achievements also motivates. This doesn’t even come from outside in the form of praise or a higher fee. Who is not proud of himself, if he has succeeded something that previously did not seem possible?


The greatest motivation for the technical visionary, Denis Bederov


What motivates me today is very much related to the fact that I now work on many tasks with teams or lead and instruct the teams. For me as a technical visionary, so to speak, a new dimension has been added. Since then I have been trying to transfer the goals that I define for myself to other people. However, this isn´t about pressure, coercion or control, but can only arise from the person, by taking him along.

I practically pass on my value system and thus shape others as well. When I realize that they are going through similar routes as me, that motivates me enormously.


Best tip for sustainable motivation by Denis Bederov


My best tip for sustainable motivation is therefore that everyone should first find their individual drive in themselves. This can be done through negative factors such as positive factors, such as joy. Once you have clearly defined this energy for yourself and it keeps calling you into the present. After that you can achieve great things with this power.

The supreme discipline is then only to carry along others and to arouse motivation in them. At the same time, this is the moment when you have achieved true leadership. – Denis Bederov


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