Why You Should Never Be Afraid of Change 

I am a systematic scientist with several projects completed to my credit and many years of experience in my field. For a long time, I was scared of change, and trust me, it took me a while to get over that fear. However, I wouldn’t be the accomplished systematic scientist I am today if I didn’t muster courage and embrace the changes that came my way.


Change is inevitable. However, I’ve found out that so many hate to be pushed outside of their comfort zone and are really terrified of testing the waters. But one thing remains: not so much can be achieved in the comfort zone.


Definition Of Change – from the Perspective of a Systematic Scientist, Denis Bederov

I’ve been through lots of changes in my life – from my choice of career as a systematic scientist extending even to my personal life, and it hasn’t been all rosy. Sometimes, I’ll have to work on a novel project with a new team I’ve never met before, and then I get overwhelmed, but I definitely know it’s not just peculiar to me. So, if you ask me what change is,  I’ll say: “Change is transformation to a person’s situation, environment, or physical/mental condition that often leads to circumstances challenging their extant paradigms.” This simply means that change is challenging and often uncomfortable – uncomfortable in such a way that it often meets us impromptu and offsets our realities.


Views of Change, Denis Bederov

You might wonder what I really think of change and probably if there are any merits that may come along with embracing change. So, here are some benefits that I believe come with embracing change.


Change Opens Us to New Perspectives

While routine and conditioning makes us go through life without thinking too much, change often forces us to look at things from new perspectives. The truth is, without being forced to, many of us would rather stick with our age-long traditions and customs than try something new. However, when change comes, it brings new realities and compels us to jump out of complacency. Then, you get to review your priorities and embrace the new developments.


Change Humbles Us

New experiences shock us and remove our ego. Many often detest change because of selfishness and pride. Although some are out of fear and uncertainty. However, by the time we experience an unprecedented event, we are often thrown off balance and humbled. Then, we can realize how small and vulnerable we are. It is in this level of humility that we can gain clarity to make clearer decisions and work towards being a better person.


Change can Inspire Us to be Better

As a systematic scientist, husband, and father, I have to confess that the challenges of combining my family life with my career can be quite overwhelming. It’s a change that you can never really prepare for, no matter how hard you try. However, the demands of fatherhood and marriage didn’t make me quit on my job, but it has inspired me to be a better person in the home and out of it. Knowing I have a family who looks up to me gives me the drive to work harder and become a greater systematic scientist.


Final Words from Denis Bederov

Change is inevitable and beautiful! Without it, we would never be able to meet new people, test new grounds, or really discover our innate abilities. Of course, it can be a little challenging at first, but if you embrace and grow through it, you’ll become more competent, knowledgeable, and even more equipped.

In retrospect, you’ll only regret the opportunities that you didn’t take simply because you were afraid of trying something new. So in my professional advice as a systematic scientist, I’ll say, never hate it; embrace it. The only permanent thing in life is change; so, don’t be afraid of it, embrace it and grow through it!


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What you really should be proud of when it comes to your children

I don’t think there is anything special about naming something that I am proud of when I think of my children. The mere fact that they are there, fills me with absolute pride. Even if they do nothing at all, I am proud of them. I don’t make that dependent on any actions or results. The love for one’s own children should be omnipresent and independent. If I only loved my children if they did something special, what kind of father would I be?


The first time I was really proud.


I remember her birth very well. Holding her in my hands for the first time filled me with pride and love. As a space scientist, entrepreneur and leader, I naturally hope that our son and our little daughter will develop into people who will benefit others through their own strength, intelligence and willpower. My inner wish is that they will be always well, are happy and lead a life full of enthusiasm and benefit for themselves and others. 


Indeed, my son is already going in a similar direction as I did then. He is enthusiastic about scientific subjects and achieves his successes there. He is well above the class average. 


Our little daughter likes to dance and paint. We enable her to go to the dance school and have hired a private teacher who promotes her individual talents.


Children should be allowed to develop themselves


It’s important to realize who your kids are. To understand what kind of  individuals they are and what talents, needs and desires they have. In this way they can develop themselves and learn that they are important. 

How many people are unhappy because they were never allowed to live the life they had within them? People who had to suppress their talents because of social conventions. People who hid their needs and desires behind their fears because they were taught to do so. 

I believe that bringing up children should not be pulling in a selfish and pre-defined direction that parents or society dictate, but supporting the inner forces, talents and needs of children.


I am proud of the inner development of my children. If they have recognized and understand who they are and what they want, then I have done many things right.


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Denis Bederov - To say " This is my rule model" is not enough. Find out why!

How personal growth develops through role models

Of other people, I appreciate the qualities I would particularly like to develop for myself at certain stages of my life. Therefore, I advise you not to set a model, as young people often do. Hanging the idol on the wall and saying “this is my model” is not enough to integrate the positive qualities you associate with this person into your personality.


Denis Bederov – his biggest role model

Looking back, my grandfather was a huge model for me. He was an excellent leader, he managed very big companies and I always found his ideas being very unique. I’ve always appreciated this resourcefulness and have always wanted to find such solutions in certain situations in life. Because I knew exactly what fascinated me about his person, I was regularly inspired and also reflected on myself. How well do I already have this ability in me? How can I still work to improve? And last, how can I increase my creativity so that I too can find extraordinary solutions?


Of course, my grandfather wasn’t my only model. If you look at him from this point of view and imagine people as a mosaic, sooner or later many people you know in life become models. Even my father is a great model for me, since childhood!


Denis Bederov: how to develop your role models

If there is something about a person that hits you today, ask yourself in the future what qualities you particularly value and what skills you would like to develop. Only then you can take the decisive direction to get closer to your idol.


Beware of illusions!

However, what should not happen to you: never see your model, exaggeratedly, as a “Messiah”. Once you place your idol on a pedestal that is difficult for you or other people to reach, you will not be able to integrate the qualities of that person into your personality and into your life. But even worse than not being able to develop the positive qualities, is to fade the negative qualities of that person.

No one is perfect! Therefore, even your role model, which you are emulating, will have areas where you should not adopt to your habits. Just as the most successful entrepreneurs often neglect their families, even the visionaries rarely remain concrete and the eloquent people are desperate for technology, so you too cannot expect everything from your idol. Don’t fall into illusion here. Find out what exactly fascinates you! How you want to look, and then gradually take a step on this extraordinary road every day. This is the road to success.

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Denis Bederov the space scientist

What does Denis Bederov, a space scientist, do in his spare time?

I am often surprised by questions concerning my recreational activities. Just because you are a space scientist, is is construed that you have to have very different hobbies. Above all, spectacular hobbies! In fact, we live a lot on Earth. So, my family and I have fun doing recreational activities which most other families also like.


Of course, my wife and I have a very entrepreneurial mind-set in what we do, and we are often grateful that children live their favorite activities with their peers, such as sport and dance. But also finding moments to do something together and enjoying life is very important to us.


How Denis Bederovsplans his family vacation


Many people say they do nothing with their wive, husband or children due to lack of time. These are lazy excuses in my opinion. My wife and I are also very busy in terms of time and we still have time to spend time together with our children to experience things.

We live in the city center. For example, it makes sense to simply go up and down the big shopping street together. In 99% of the cases, we don’t buy anything, but it’s just fun to look at shop windows, walk quietly and talk. The topics of discussion can be things that you think are interesting on the road or experienced in your personal life. Spending time together is always a pleasure.

We also like going to the park. Rarely, but increasingly, we go on vacation together or do day trips. We have a favorite hotel, which we visit over and over again. Therefore, the organization is limited to the minimum. No hotel comparison, no driving time and you know what to expect.


Tips from Denis Bederov


Spending time with your family can be easy. So, don’t make too much effort or pressure to make something special. Much more important is how much quality time is spent with the partner and children, who will be sincerely grateful for it. You will live every minute with your family even more intensely and this is what even children and their partners feel.


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The daily routine of Denis Bederov

Familiar insights into the daily routine of the space scientist, Denis Bederov

Not only am I an entrepreneur, but my wife is also a successful entrepreneur. In addition to our existing companies, we also manage our small family business, which consists of us and our children. In the perception of our respective employees, it might seem that we live only within the company. Of course, it is not like that at all.

Especially as a family man with two children, you want to make the best possible use of time to meet everyone’s needs. We also deal with topics such as: who prepares food for children after school?

We have a son and a daughter who also do after-school activities and of course they are very different. They alternate between dance, sport, tennis, painting – which fortunately happens at home – but this diversity gives you an idea of ​​how full our family agenda is. This wouldn’t work without being a well-rehearsed team.


Denis Bederov: Nobody should be neglected!


In fact, it works! If a family member was unintentionally removed from the routine or tried to manage everything by himself, that would never work. At least not in the long term: everyone has to play a part, so that nobody gets neglected.


This is the biggest challenge as a parent and as a family man. You must take care to ensure that everyone is free to develop in the direction they want to develop. I’m not just talking about child development. Even as a parent, you want to grow and reinvent yourself in certain areas. It’s of major importance that the partner successful achieves this the same way you yourself find achievement. 


Denis Bederov: It’s about synergy!


I would call myself being more a pragmatic person who takes every step very carefully and makes plans. If it was up to me, our family life would probably be too monotonous, and on the other hand, it means that I worry about organizing and ordering at home. At the same time, I am the consultant, if there is a specific goal to be achieved, it’s clear that it will. My wife, on the other hand, is incredibly creative. Brings momentum into our family life with her ideas and is much more communicative. When it comes to finding the right words in the right situations, she’s the number one.


What makes a family work

Everything you teach to children, you should imitate. I am happy when I realize that there is also team spirit amongst the children and that they support each other with their personal qualities. Because just like with my wife and myself, each of our children has a different approach to solving problems. I can often even learn new things from my children.

Just when this mechanism is aware to everyone, everyone takes back their ego and at the same time helps the other with his personal abilities, everyone collaborates together and gets great results!

This is my recipe for a harmonious and happy family life. – Denis Bederov


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Denis Bederov

Denis Bederov best motivational factors

What drove the space scientist, Denis Bederov to top performances? Different stages of life always bring new motivational factors. For example, I still remember the time shortly after my studies. At that time the most motivation was something I didn´t like. I kept thinking about how I worked at the construction site during my studies.

That was a time period when I wanted to earn a bit as a student. It was an incredibly monotonous and physically difficult job. For two to three days the semester job was fine, but for two weeks it was quite exhausting and because of the monotony I found it very uninteresting. I lacked the mental challenges.


No monotonous work!


On the other hand, nothing better could happen to me. Because the thought of never having to do such work again super motivated me.’ Never again monotonous work that isn´t fun. Never again something, in which one you turn off your head or the head inevitably shuts off after a few hours because you are completely exhausted physically. ‘


Conversely, I was positively motivated by every job in which I received different questions practically every day, sometimes even every hour. Constantly challenged to consider solution strategies, to reach mental and mental limits and break down barriers, the self-responsibility to plan every day and to experience new things, has always given me great pleasure and still does. Later, as a space scientist, professional success came to me, but never in the main focus. If you have had success many times, you simply want more of them and act much more targeted to achieve even more success. I can hardly imagine that someone would like to stay at the same level because growth is what life dictates to us. Another area that is changing with career success is finance. 


A not unimportant area if you want to give yourself and your loved one a life that offers all the comfort you could wish for. Last but not least, of course, the recognition that comes with the achievements also motivates. This doesn’t even come from outside in the form of praise or a higher fee. Who is not proud of himself, if he has succeeded something that previously did not seem possible?


The greatest motivation for the technical visionary, Denis Bederov


What motivates me today is very much related to the fact that I now work on many tasks with teams or lead and instruct the teams. For me as a technical visionary, so to speak, a new dimension has been added. Since then I have been trying to transfer the goals that I define for myself to other people. However, this isn´t about pressure, coercion or control, but can only arise from the person, by taking him along.

I practically pass on my value system and thus shape others as well. When I realize that they are going through similar routes as me, that motivates me enormously.


Best tip for sustainable motivation by Denis Bederov


My best tip for sustainable motivation is therefore that everyone should first find their individual drive in themselves. This can be done through negative factors such as positive factors, such as joy. Once you have clearly defined this energy for yourself and it keeps calling you into the present. After that you can achieve great things with this power.

The supreme discipline is then only to carry along others and to arouse motivation in them. At the same time, this is the moment when you have achieved true leadership. – Denis Bederov


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How the systematic scientist, Denis Bederov, leads his projects to success

‘ Good things take a while ‘ Of course, it doesn´t happen in a day to build up a business or successfully bring larger projects to run. Even as a space scientist and technical visionary this does not succeed immediately. Of course, it does not happen in a day to build a business or successfully bring larger projects in the air. Even as a space scientist and technical visionary this does not succeed immediately. The preliminary work or the preparation is essential and of course, it consumes the first time in a primitive way, the free time outside the conventional work.

It’s clear that if you want to be successful and if you want to tackle more complex projects, they are born almost exclusively at leisure before being paid or sponsored by anyone. Mostly even the whole preparation work takes place at home.


Insights into the free time of a technical visionary


If you transfer that to family life, you quickly realize that in the evening you can not just sit in front of the TV or relax on the sofa. Watch an interesting movie? Hardly likely! Instead, you sit longer on the PC or rolling books and journals.

A labour-intensive project also implies that you have a study at home. But that is not very uncontroversial at the beginning of family life.

In a systematic scientist or generally in scientifically oriented people, it is similar to passionate car hobbyists. The garage is virtually the study. You go there and spend a lot of free time here. As soon as one is not supported by the family at this point, the house blessing quickly goes awry. That’s why I’m incredibly happy that my family has always supported me on a variety of projects and keeps my back free, especially my wife, of course.


Why the partner, according to Denis Bederov, should be actively involved


It definitely makes sense to include the wife or husband right from the start. Explain to him or her in detail, what chances arise from the project, with what kind of workload one expects to set it in motion in a certain time, etc. The better the communication and the more discussed before the start of the project, the smoother it runs during the development phase and the concentration can be steered to one hundred per cent on the project. Of course, it´s even better to let him/her actively participate. This doesn´t have to end in extravagant and time-consuming work but can take the form of collections of ideas, discussions and minor relief work.

If you then give this task the appropriate recognition, not only the partner feels good and stands behind the project, you also have won in two ways, as a family manager as such a manager which ideas become reality.


See a conflict as a challenge


Of course you don´t expect that there will never be a conflict. That would be utopian. Because sooner or later, even if it´s just a very important business appointment, there will be a collision with family interests. Then the entrepreneurial skills of the problem solution are asked. Exactly to weigh, which things are regarded as urgent or important, which can be left safely and which are absolutely necessary for the intact family life. You are responsible for this balance and you must not forget what is probably the biggest challenge. But be sure that you don´t have to be a scientist to overcome these hurdles. 

Why you will succeed


Despite all the obstacles, you will be successful. Because you aren´t the first or the first to start a home-based project. Behind many projects, you wouldn´t guess how long I worked meticulously in my spare time. Without the family support, I wouldn´t have made it and they were there for me. This is what your family will do once you have taught them the importance of your ideas and inspired them. – Denis Bederov


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How has Denis Bederov become so successful?

How did I manage to be so successful in my projects? In the past, I always thought that to succeed, you had to come up with something, patent something, or have a solution that no one has come up with.

The most important trait of success, according to Denis Bederov


Sometimes that´s true, but most cases make a very different trait of success. There are actually no major secrets, but the motto is to work from the beginning continuously, sustainably and designed for long-term success.


That doesn´t mean bigger secrets but simply applying what you have learned. One has either completed a sound education or developed the knowledge itself. Staying on the ball with diligence and willpower is the most important thing. Simply understanding exactly what you do and applying the knowledge in practice everyday sounds banal at first, but is a key skill that pays off.

Most people don´t succeed, according to Denis Bederov

Most people will never be really successful and for one reason only: they do not work continuously and sustainably. They give up too fast and try something else. So entire life will be a hodgepodge of trying out. But there are only attempts and no successes.


No matter how difficult it will be, no matter how exhausting and no matter how often you will give up, the rule should be always carry on! Keep going and don´t give up. Recognize the mistakes and problems and learn, then success is inevitable.

Author Denis Bederov


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Denis Bederov

Resilience is one of the most important skills Denis Bederov

In my last blog article, I have already touched on some of my skills, which I will describe in more detail in this post. When I describe myself, then immediately comes to my mind the determination with which I have already led many projects in my life to success.


This skill characterizes Denis Bederov

Another skill that I daily reflect as a systematic scientist is my resilience. At the moment I travel a lot and I´m invited as an expert in many countries of the world. Once you have been to Austria, Germany, Russia and China within a month, many people reach their limits. It makes me aware again and again how resilient I´m actually.


Sometimes I try to demand this resilience from other people and I quickly realize that people aren´t usually resilient. Here I apply my leadership skills and feel exactly the breaking point, as the technician would say.


This skill is especially important, according to Denis Bederov

In these moments, I motivate and lead, so that the remaining encumbrance is comfortable and it will be not too much for the team member. The skill to recognize when a person is overworked and then calm them down with the right words and to take out the encumbrance, as well as stress is very important in any leadership position.


In the last few years, I have refined and developed these skills very much. Whether as a systematic scientist, technical visionary or family man, the subject of resilience can be found in every area. What matters is how to handle it in order to achieve sustainable success.

Denis Bederov

How does Denis Bederov work on his projects

The areas I´m currently working on are broadly positioned. That starts with the topic of space. Of course, as many might suspect, this isn´t about aliens, but in reality, they are very everyday issues that I deal with. For example, how satellites can be made available to smaller companies or institutions such as schools or universities at low cost. Certain things, as the simple handling of tools of all kinds on Earth, can be a real challenge in space. There are solutions to be found here.

Projects in the field of electrical engineering, radio waves and radio connections are, so to speak, his home.

In other projects, I deal more with electrical engineering, radio waves and radio connections. These areas are, so to speak, my home, where I have my greatest strengths. With the right expertise, it´s important to assess which way isn´t only the fastest, but also the most meaningful.

Solving prolems has always been a strength of Denis Bederov.

The ability of problem-solving and the systematic approach that I use in all my projects come from to my scientific education.. I have always had an eye for how problems can be broken down into smaller challenges to solve them efficiently.