Fascinating – How Communication Has Developed Through New Technologies

Technology has spawned mind-blowing changes in our world. Those days of low-level, basic, and primitive paradigms of technology are far behind us now. Technology has affected our lives in unprecedented ways and still continues influencing major sectors of the world, such as transport, education, health, business, and communication. As a technical visionary, I agree that the advancements in science and technology have made a great impact on the way we communicate, and consequently introducing new paradigms.

Recently, the means of communication have continuously evolved from simple text messages and audio calls to more interactive and ubiquitous methods like video calls and instant messaging apps and platforms which offer other communication services. Clearly, the undeniable impact of technology in communication can be felt by both individuals, businesses, and even governments.

Like every other technical visionary I know, I see technology as a volatile and a progressive phenomenon. This means that it changes and advances rapidly over time. Today, to the delight of every technical visionary like Denis Bederov, technology has enhanced communication to the point where instant messaging is now possible anywhere in the world. In this post, I want to discuss how the evolution of technology has improved and enhanced communication.


How Technology Has Influenced Communication – from the Perspective of a Technical Visionary, Denis Bederov

The impact of technology on communication is innumerable. From the pictographs, to the invention of paper and the printing press, invention of telephone, telegrams, postal service, and many more, now, it’s the era of the Internet and electronic messaging – faster and more real-time than ever. In the following points, I’ve listed some ways technology has immensely influenced communication.  

Faster Speed, Lesser Costs

The most notable impact of technology on communication is the proliferation of the Internet and the endless possibility of sending emails and chatting. In the pre-information technology era, sending a letter over a distance to someone else often required a visit to the postal office and a postage stamp. Even faster means such as telegrams had severe limitations in word length and were quite expensive.

The advent of computers, the Internet, and smartphones has eased the process of creating and editing documents. With the email, we can send documents to any part of the world within seconds, so much that telegrams and even snail mails have become mostly outmoded. The era of mobile computing, powered by the Internet, has thus increased the speed of communications abundantly, and reduced the costs drastically.


From the standpoint of a technical visionary, this post on how technology has influenced communication will be incomplete without mentioning the role of technology in the democratization of communication systems. Technology has reduced the costs of communication gadgets significantly and consequently improved people’s access.

The proliferation of social media, live news coverage, and other fascinating media-related innovations has resulted in worldwide access and real-time participation in news and information for almost everyone. Even in the business sphere, technology has helped remove communication barriers, eliminated monopoly, and ensured a level playing field for the most part.


With the Internet, there is such a huge amount of knowledge accessible by a click of the mouse or even by a simple tap on a smartphone. So much can be achieved in seconds – translating a text from one language to another, searching out the meaning of an unknown word, and several other tasks are all possible today with the internet.

Furthermore, technology enhances easy storage and faster retrieval of communication when desired. This also applies to oral communication, the storage of which used to be quite difficult. Now, audio messages can be recorded, stored, replayed, and manipulated in many ways.


Final Words from Denis Bederov

The invention of new communication gadgets like smartphones has facilitated communication by allowing people to communicate without limitations. Honestly, as a technical visionary, I still believe that the impact of mobile gadgets on the nature of communication is largely underestimated. Not just that, communication has become concise and short, and the watchword has become “less is more.”


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