About Me

I was born in 1974 in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. I am married and have two wonderful children. My eldest son aged 15 and my little daughter aged 8 are my entire pride and joy. My wife is always by my side filled with happiness and ease.

During my youth, life was not always easy. Together with my family I moved to Germany at the age of 17. Without being able to understand a single word of German, I entered the eleventh grade of a high school. 

But even more than the language barrier, I saw the personality integration into the foreign society as a key element to be mastered  which I did through my conscientious and careful approach, which reflects again and again in projects as well as in interpersonal relationships.

Denis Bederov is incredibly proud of his family, which always supports him.

Flying taught me to keep calm

Contrary to popular opinion, small aircraft flying is not an adrenaline sport. An airplane flies very fast and every thoughtless action can be life-threatening. It's important to stay calm and create the right thoughts.

Flying is not a hectic sport, everything has to be thought through and planned. It is all calm and relaxed, as long as you yourself remain calm and relaxed.

This inner peace is an important ability, which I could develop by flying. When flying you are always confronted with a potential danger to your life, because you are at a height of several 100 meters. Not to become hectic or to act out of fear and panic decides about life and death.

In my career so far there have been, as with most people, many situations in which I found myself in a threatening situation. Before flying I might have acted inconsiderate and hastily, but flying taught me to keep a cool head and to look for solutions objectively and act accordingly during these disturbing situations.

Denis Bederov Family

My Family

If you ask me what would be the greatest achievement in my life, I can proudly say: These are definitely my children. From one day to the next everything changes. The complete order of the day is realigned.
Due to both my eldest son and my younger daughter, my life has changed completely since they were born. I still remember very well that I was very euphoric in the first days after their birth.

They are my greatest achievement and at the same time my greatest challenges, because they have allowed me to grow and develop personally. Especially aspects which I would never have integrated into my life through business in this way.
Children are like a mirror of the person you are. I am happy that my wife and children and I are able to walk this path of life together as a well-rehearsed team.

My passion - amateur radio

A hobby I am passionately committed to, despite my responsible space projects, is amateur radio. I especially participate in the organization of the annual exhibition at Lake Constance and sponsor this. It is not always possible for me to take part, like two years ago when I was not able to come because of a rocket launch. Nevertheless, I remain true to my hobby and to the friends I have won through it for life.

I also owe my greatest entrepreneurial successes to amateur radio, among other things. Not only have I made valuable contacts with technical experts and found contractors as well as clients, but by developing my own UP4DAR kit and selling finished UP4DAR devices, I have also ventured into creative realizations which I could not have imagined before in this form. My self-created amateur radio project was a great milestone for myself and my professional career.