Denis Bederov

Resilience is one of the most important skills Denis Bederov

In my last blog article, I have already touched on some of my skills, which I will describe in more detail in this post. When I describe myself, then immediately comes to my mind the determination with which I have already led many projects in my life to success.


This skill characterizes Denis Bederov

Another skill that I daily reflect as a systematic scientist is my resilience. At the moment I travel a lot and I´m invited as an expert in many countries of the world. Once you have been to Austria, Germany, Russia and China within a month, many people reach their limits. It makes me aware again and again how resilient I´m actually.


Sometimes I try to demand this resilience from other people and I quickly realize that people aren´t usually resilient. Here I apply my leadership skills and feel exactly the breaking point, as the technician would say.


This skill is especially important, according to Denis Bederov

In these moments, I motivate and lead, so that the remaining encumbrance is comfortable and it will be not too much for the team member. The skill to recognize when a person is overworked and then calm them down with the right words and to take out the encumbrance, as well as stress is very important in any leadership position.


In the last few years, I have refined and developed these skills very much. Whether as a systematic scientist, technical visionary or family man, the subject of resilience can be found in every area. What matters is how to handle it in order to achieve sustainable success.


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