Tips on What Smart Innovations Will Save You Money

Innovation propels technology, making entrepreneurs save money and businesses to run more smoothly. Innovation, even when it’s the evolution of an existing product, enables an entrepreneur to manage his/her business more productively and at lower costs. A shrewd entrepreneur should know that while all these innovations may look attractive and great at face value, not all of these innovations will be appropriate for his business. For this reason, there is a need to assess them meticulously. This is why I have written this to enlighten any entrepreneur reading this on the kind of smart innovations you need to invest in to save you money, as much as you consider efficiency and productivity.


Denis Bederov Advises Using Open Source Apps

Open-source software like Linux and Android have not only evolved into business-friendly platforms, they have also continued to roll out innovations favouring the growth of small and big businesses alike. Linux with their open source services and applications, for example, from the server to the desktop, has forced their rivals to reevaluate how users and businesses interact with hardware and their customers. With the Linux desktop, any adept entrepreneur will be able to save cost on licensing fees for the operating systems and still be assured of security. Furthermore, with the power of the Linux server, businesses are equipped with productivity-enhancing tools, like customer resource management, human resource management, and several other platforms they might not have had access to. These innovations are worth mentioning because they are considered cost-effective.


Denis Bederov Recommends Mobile Payment Systems

For any budding entrepreneur willing to save on recurring costs, I recommend mobile payment systems. These payment options have finally become robust and secure enough to be used, especially by any small business. This is why they have continued to be applied in the restaurant industry and small boutique shops. Much more, today, almost any smartphone can now accept payments being powered with tools like the Intuit’s GoPayment and other similar point-of-sale applications. With this novel, reliable, cost-effective payment systems, your business can easily travel, and it can quickly and effortlessly take payments for services and products.


Electronic Invoicing And Receipts

I have observed that electronic invoicing and receipts have started invading small businesses, to the advantage of every savvy entrepreneur. Switching to issuing email receipts to customers is a great way for businesses to save the cost of receipt printer paper – and even the cost of maintaining printers altogether. While it may seem like a negligible cost at first, all the papers and costs add up over time. However, thanks to the continuous growth and evolution of electronic invoices – entrepreneurs and small businesses get paid instantly and save money.


Blogging Platforms for Entrepreneurs

Any entrepreneur willing to promote his/her business for the lesser price should try blogging. By generating relevant content in your chosen niche, it will empower you to become an authority and the go-to person in your field. Also, blogging platforms can help your business or organization to easily connect with your customers and audience in ways you never even dreamed possible. With platforms like WordPress, you have access to a wide range of resources in the form of add-ons that can transform your simple blog into a full-fledged content-driven website for promoting your products and services.


Final Words from Denis Bederov

There are several other smart innovations for any entrepreneur committed to cutting back on expenses and maximizing returns on investment in their businesses. Some of them include crowdfunding, cloud-based groupware, investing in tablets for employees and several other energy-saving appliances for use in the office. Your business is only as profitable as the smart innovations you employ!


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Tips on how to make yourself indispensable in your company

In my several years of experience as an entrepreneur, I have had the opportunity to work with several people from different nationalities, and in fact, with different approaches to work and life. Even with the divergent views and somewhat different customs, I have come to one informed conclusion: everyone wants to be that go-to person at their job. Everyone wants to be that indispensable guy who is best known for being a pro at what he does. It has a way of boosting your confidence. Your managers can rely on you and you feel a great sense of job security. In my own terms as an entrepreneur, being indispensable in your company means that you are irreplaceable because of the expertise and professionalism you exhibit.

In this article, I have outlined five tips to make yourself indispensable in your company.


Tips for Indispensability at Work, Denis Bederov


As you might know by now, I am not just a systematic scientist or technical scientist, I am also an adept entrepreneur with several accolades for my achievements in the business world. The tips I give are based on experience, years of study, and informed research.


Denis Bederov Advises That You Review Yourself Regularly


One of the mistakes many people make after getting their dream jobs is that they barely work harder to stay abreast of new trends in their profession – be it entrepreneurship or in the public sector. While you might get regular feedback and a performance review from your supervisor at work, I also believe that it is very important to do a regular personal review to ensure that you are still very much on track with your own goals and expectations. It is important to keep track of your accomplishments, training, projects, and every measurable related to your career. These self-checks will help you to review your progress, set new goals, and anticipate your next milestone.




As an entrepreneur, it is easier for you to get edged out by competitors if you do not take pertinent steps to stay in the game. I always advise budding entrepreneurs to set new goals. This can be achieved by looking at important metrics and including them as part of your business plan. Entrepreneurs, business owners, and companies always cherish focused employees who are ever improving, motivated and always finding effective ways to raise the performance bar.

Commit yourself to high standards. Bring your A-game to everything you do, and regularly raise the bar for yourself. Expanding your skills, and keeping an open mind towards career-advancing opportunities will guarantee your indispensability at work.


Denis Bederov Advises That You Speak Up


Entrepreneurs and business owners value employees who have mastered the art of effectively communicating with their boss and team, including asking questions and ensuring that they fully understand assignment instructions. Always ask questions for clarity. This will help you achieve the set targets for your company.

More importantly, always ask for opportunities to get better. Be expressive and let your boss know that you are open to learning. When you get the opportunities to collaborate with another team, be actively involved and be vocal about your ideas and suggestions. Being willing to educate others helps you attain status as an invaluable training asset in your company.


Offer Solutions


If you really desire to become indispensable at work, then you need to find ways to solve problems faced by your company. For entrepreneurs, you need to offer proactive solutions to the challenges your business and your clients face. This increases your value to your customers and to the company as a whole.


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Denis Bederov - To say " This is my rule model" is not enough. Find out why!

How personal growth develops through role models

Of other people, I appreciate the qualities I would particularly like to develop for myself at certain stages of my life. Therefore, I advise you not to set a model, as young people often do. Hanging the idol on the wall and saying “this is my model” is not enough to integrate the positive qualities you associate with this person into your personality.


Denis Bederov – his biggest role model

Looking back, my grandfather was a huge model for me. He was an excellent leader, he managed very big companies and I always found his ideas being very unique. I’ve always appreciated this resourcefulness and have always wanted to find such solutions in certain situations in life. Because I knew exactly what fascinated me about his person, I was regularly inspired and also reflected on myself. How well do I already have this ability in me? How can I still work to improve? And last, how can I increase my creativity so that I too can find extraordinary solutions?


Of course, my grandfather wasn’t my only model. If you look at him from this point of view and imagine people as a mosaic, sooner or later many people you know in life become models. Even my father is a great model for me, since childhood!


Denis Bederov: how to develop your role models

If there is something about a person that hits you today, ask yourself in the future what qualities you particularly value and what skills you would like to develop. Only then you can take the decisive direction to get closer to your idol.


Beware of illusions!

However, what should not happen to you: never see your model, exaggeratedly, as a “Messiah”. Once you place your idol on a pedestal that is difficult for you or other people to reach, you will not be able to integrate the qualities of that person into your personality and into your life. But even worse than not being able to develop the positive qualities, is to fade the negative qualities of that person.

No one is perfect! Therefore, even your role model, which you are emulating, will have areas where you should not adopt to your habits. Just as the most successful entrepreneurs often neglect their families, even the visionaries rarely remain concrete and the eloquent people are desperate for technology, so you too cannot expect everything from your idol. Don’t fall into illusion here. Find out what exactly fascinates you! How you want to look, and then gradually take a step on this extraordinary road every day. This is the road to success.

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Denis Bederov the space scientist

What does Denis Bederov, a space scientist, do in his spare time?

I am often surprised by questions concerning my recreational activities. Just because you are a space scientist, is is construed that you have to have very different hobbies. Above all, spectacular hobbies! In fact, we live a lot on Earth. So, my family and I have fun doing recreational activities which most other families also like.


Of course, my wife and I have a very entrepreneurial mind-set in what we do, and we are often grateful that children live their favorite activities with their peers, such as sport and dance. But also finding moments to do something together and enjoying life is very important to us.


How Denis Bederovsplans his family vacation


Many people say they do nothing with their wive, husband or children due to lack of time. These are lazy excuses in my opinion. My wife and I are also very busy in terms of time and we still have time to spend time together with our children to experience things.

We live in the city center. For example, it makes sense to simply go up and down the big shopping street together. In 99% of the cases, we don’t buy anything, but it’s just fun to look at shop windows, walk quietly and talk. The topics of discussion can be things that you think are interesting on the road or experienced in your personal life. Spending time together is always a pleasure.

We also like going to the park. Rarely, but increasingly, we go on vacation together or do day trips. We have a favorite hotel, which we visit over and over again. Therefore, the organization is limited to the minimum. No hotel comparison, no driving time and you know what to expect.


Tips from Denis Bederov


Spending time with your family can be easy. So, don’t make too much effort or pressure to make something special. Much more important is how much quality time is spent with the partner and children, who will be sincerely grateful for it. You will live every minute with your family even more intensely and this is what even children and their partners feel.


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The daily routine of Denis Bederov

Familiar insights into the daily routine of the space scientist, Denis Bederov

Not only am I an entrepreneur, but my wife is also a successful entrepreneur. In addition to our existing companies, we also manage our small family business, which consists of us and our children. In the perception of our respective employees, it might seem that we live only within the company. Of course, it is not like that at all.

Especially as a family man with two children, you want to make the best possible use of time to meet everyone’s needs. We also deal with topics such as: who prepares food for children after school?

We have a son and a daughter who also do after-school activities and of course they are very different. They alternate between dance, sport, tennis, painting – which fortunately happens at home – but this diversity gives you an idea of ​​how full our family agenda is. This wouldn’t work without being a well-rehearsed team.


Denis Bederov: Nobody should be neglected!


In fact, it works! If a family member was unintentionally removed from the routine or tried to manage everything by himself, that would never work. At least not in the long term: everyone has to play a part, so that nobody gets neglected.


This is the biggest challenge as a parent and as a family man. You must take care to ensure that everyone is free to develop in the direction they want to develop. I’m not just talking about child development. Even as a parent, you want to grow and reinvent yourself in certain areas. It’s of major importance that the partner successful achieves this the same way you yourself find achievement. 


Denis Bederov: It’s about synergy!


I would call myself being more a pragmatic person who takes every step very carefully and makes plans. If it was up to me, our family life would probably be too monotonous, and on the other hand, it means that I worry about organizing and ordering at home. At the same time, I am the consultant, if there is a specific goal to be achieved, it’s clear that it will. My wife, on the other hand, is incredibly creative. Brings momentum into our family life with her ideas and is much more communicative. When it comes to finding the right words in the right situations, she’s the number one.


What makes a family work

Everything you teach to children, you should imitate. I am happy when I realize that there is also team spirit amongst the children and that they support each other with their personal qualities. Because just like with my wife and myself, each of our children has a different approach to solving problems. I can often even learn new things from my children.

Just when this mechanism is aware to everyone, everyone takes back their ego and at the same time helps the other with his personal abilities, everyone collaborates together and gets great results!

This is my recipe for a harmonious and happy family life. – Denis Bederov


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