Why You Should Never Be Afraid of Change 

I am a systematic scientist with several projects completed to my credit and many years of experience in my field. For a long time, I was scared of change, and trust me, it took me a while to get over that fear. However, I wouldn’t be the accomplished systematic scientist I am today if I didn’t muster courage and embrace the changes that came my way.


Change is inevitable. However, I’ve found out that so many hate to be pushed outside of their comfort zone and are really terrified of testing the waters. But one thing remains: not so much can be achieved in the comfort zone.


Definition Of Change – from the Perspective of a Systematic Scientist, Denis Bederov

I’ve been through lots of changes in my life – from my choice of career as a systematic scientist extending even to my personal life, and it hasn’t been all rosy. Sometimes, I’ll have to work on a novel project with a new team I’ve never met before, and then I get overwhelmed, but I definitely know it’s not just peculiar to me. So, if you ask me what change is,  I’ll say: “Change is transformation to a person’s situation, environment, or physical/mental condition that often leads to circumstances challenging their extant paradigms.” This simply means that change is challenging and often uncomfortable – uncomfortable in such a way that it often meets us impromptu and offsets our realities.


Views of Change, Denis Bederov

You might wonder what I really think of change and probably if there are any merits that may come along with embracing change. So, here are some benefits that I believe come with embracing change.


Change Opens Us to New Perspectives

While routine and conditioning makes us go through life without thinking too much, change often forces us to look at things from new perspectives. The truth is, without being forced to, many of us would rather stick with our age-long traditions and customs than try something new. However, when change comes, it brings new realities and compels us to jump out of complacency. Then, you get to review your priorities and embrace the new developments.


Change Humbles Us

New experiences shock us and remove our ego. Many often detest change because of selfishness and pride. Although some are out of fear and uncertainty. However, by the time we experience an unprecedented event, we are often thrown off balance and humbled. Then, we can realize how small and vulnerable we are. It is in this level of humility that we can gain clarity to make clearer decisions and work towards being a better person.


Change can Inspire Us to be Better

As a systematic scientist, husband, and father, I have to confess that the challenges of combining my family life with my career can be quite overwhelming. It’s a change that you can never really prepare for, no matter how hard you try. However, the demands of fatherhood and marriage didn’t make me quit on my job, but it has inspired me to be a better person in the home and out of it. Knowing I have a family who looks up to me gives me the drive to work harder and become a greater systematic scientist.


Final Words from Denis Bederov

Change is inevitable and beautiful! Without it, we would never be able to meet new people, test new grounds, or really discover our innate abilities. Of course, it can be a little challenging at first, but if you embrace and grow through it, you’ll become more competent, knowledgeable, and even more equipped.

In retrospect, you’ll only regret the opportunities that you didn’t take simply because you were afraid of trying something new. So in my professional advice as a systematic scientist, I’ll say, never hate it; embrace it. The only permanent thing in life is change; so, don’t be afraid of it, embrace it and grow through it!


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